Penny Black Plate 5

1 d Penny Black stamp lettered K-J, identified as coming from plate 5 using Guide Lines to the Penny Black by P C Litchfield. Period of use: Earliest issue dated 16 June, 1840, with prints made between 8th June – 30th December, 1840 and again briefly between 22nd January and 5th February, 1841, when a […]

2d Blue Plate 1

2d Blue stamp lettered H -D, identified as coming from plate 1 using British Line-Engraved Stamps. Twopence Blue. Studies Of Plates 1 to 15 by H. Osborne. Period of use: The plate was registered on 2 May, 1840, but wore out very quickly and was thus used only until 18 July, 1840 when Plate 2 […]