Penny Black Plate 5

Penny Black Plate 5

1 d Penny Black stamp lettered K-J, identified as coming from plate 5 using Guide Lines to the Penny Black by P C Litchfield.

Period of use: Earliest issue dated 16 June, 1840, with prints made between 8th June – 30th December, 1840 and again briefly between 22nd January and 5th February, 1841, when a provisional black printing was made. Plate then used for the printing of the 1d Penny Red.

Colour: Strong black.

Cancellation: Clear Maltese Cross cancellation in red ink.

Main identification clues:

  • Traces of horizontal guideline in the letter squares and through the value “One Penny” (very common on this plate).
  • Right sideline extends slightly below.

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What an excellent site. I just stumbled onto it tonight. I have been collecting for 50 plus years and specialize in penny red and a few penny black. Thank you.

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