Romanian Vegetables by Aida Tasgian-Constantinescu

Romanian Vegetables by Aida Tasgian-Constantinescu

If any stamp collecting bloggers are looking for inspiration I can highly recommend heading over to  Viridian’s Postcard Blog over the weekend to check out the weekly theme for Sunday Stamps. This week’s theme is “Food” with an invitation to  interpret the theme broadly. Flicking through my old childhood album of thematic stamps I happened upon these striking Romanian stamps featuring vegetables and thought they would fit the bill perfectly!

Issued on 23 March, 1963, these postally used stamps were designed by the prolific graphic artist Aida Tasgian-Constantinescu – her work is everywhere on Romanian stamps of the twentieth century, although biographical information online seems to be hard to find – and were originally part of a six stamp set featuring not only the tomatoes (35 bani), a chili pepper (40 bani) and radishes (55 bani) seen here, but also aubergines (or eggplant as it’s called in the US), mild peppers and cucumber.

The simple silkscreen printing technique and limited palette actually serve these designs very well – this an eye catching set of stamps and well worth a closer look!

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I was not familiar with the artist but recognise the style of foreground and faded background image from what I remember of my Romania stamps (I will have go and have a browse now).

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