Utagawa Toyokuni on 1971 Hungarian postage stamp

With 19th century Japanese artists of the floating world very much in vogue this spring with two major exhibitions running in European capital cities at the moment – Utagawa Hiroshige in Rome and Utagawa Kuniyoshi in London – I thought I’d share this 1971 Hungarian postage stamp featuring the work of another master of Japanese woodblocks – Utagawa Toyokuni (1769 – 1825).  Toyokuni I – (the Roman numeral is used to distinguish him from the later artists who, following Japanese tradition, also used the art-name of their master) is probably best known for his portraits of Kabuki actors.

Hungarian postage stamp - 1971
Hungarian postage stamp – 1971

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I have a Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley Stame (series of fours 2 MJ and 2 EP) I also have one with him and Lisa Marie when they were married… Not sure where these stamps came from marking


Note sure where I bought them about 10 year ago. Not sure how to find out if they are valuable.

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