1d Red stamp with London Number in Maltese Cross cancellation

1d Red stamp lettered R – J with London postmark identified using The Cancellations of the 1841 Penny Red by Goldsmith & Danzig. Period of use: 23 March 1843 – Date of issue recorded in the proof book held at the Post Office Archives for No.2 , although Alcock and Holland suggest this number was … Read more

2d Blue Plate 2

2d Blue stamp lettered K -D, identified as coming from plate 2 using British Line-Engraved Stamps. Twopence Blue. Studies Of Plates 1 to 15 by H. Osborne. Period of use: Plate 2 was completed on July 18th, 1840 and put to press three days later. In daily use, barring Sundays and one other day (18th … Read more

Pair of 1d Reds from Penny Black plate 5

Pair of 1d Red stamps lettered M – K and M – L, identified as coming from black plate 5 using Guide Lines to the Penny Black by P C Litchfield. Period of use: 1841. Colour: Red-brown. Cancellation: Rare single strike black Maltese Cross cancellation covering the pair. This would have been against regulations (each … Read more

Penny Black Plate 9

1 d Penny Black stamp lettered G-G, identified as coming from plate 9 using Guide Lines to the Penny Black by P C Litchfield. Period of use: Earliest issue dated 18 November, 1840. Plate used very briefly until January 1841 making this fairly scarce. Colour: Strong black. Cancellation: Clear Maltese Cross cancellation in black ink … Read more