Silver Jubilee 1977

In the opening track of Badly Drawn Boy‘s latest CD Born in the UK there’s a line in it that talks about being a kid in the UK back in the summer of 1977:
Vicious and his brothers
Were trying to set us free
But much more than this to you and me
This was the Silver Jubilee

Queen Elizabeth II Silver Jubilee 1977- FDC

This line really made me smile…1977 and the Silver Jubilee – if you were nine years old at the time the Sex Pistols weren’t really going to have made much of an impression that year! Anyway, here’s a scan of the first day cover with bureau postmark celebrating Queen Elizabeth II’s Silver Jubilee. The address is that of my primary school.. I distinctly remember complaining at the time when the school ordered the FDCs and they came back with the school name not our own names on the envelope!